Guide to Farming Barbarians - Rise of Kingdoms
Guide to Farming Barbarians - Rise of Kingdoms
5/16/2022, 1:54:44 PM
5/16/2022, 1:54:44 PM

In this guide, you will learn the most efficient barbarian farming trick in Rise of Kingdoms. You might even be able to put together up to 10 groups of barbarians with only 40 Action Points (AP). To do this, you need to use infantry units, as they are slower, and therefore it will be easier for you to control them.


Teleport at a right angle to the mountain area in the center of the map (not far from the Lost Temple). Here you will be able to find all level 1-19 barbarians within 5 km, and they will all spawn nearby instead of randomly.

The main commander must be Lohar, Boudica or Cao Cao. They reduce the amount of action points needed to attack, and also grant a level 1 resource pack of 15 experience every time you defeat a barbarian unit.

The second commander should be Sun Tzu or Baibars if possible.

Farm barbarians

1. Find all barbarians from level 1 to 19. Please note that you can only summon up to 4 barbarian units at the same time. After that, you need to wait about 1 minute to summon another barbarian.

2. Keep doing this until you have created up to 19 barbarian units of level 1-19.

3. Attack the highest level barbarians and then lure them to another group of barbarians nearby.